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Updated Interactive Dashboard Now Available from MHA

The Missouri Hospital Association and the Hospital Industry Data Institute are pleased to share the COVID-19 interactive dashboard for Oct. 14-21. This dashboard provides regional COVID-19 and influenza-like illness trends throughout the state to inform stakeholders and support decision-making locally.

Key findings this week:

  • Suspected and confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations continued to exceed previous records last week with daily totals exceeding 1,400 patients statewide. The largest increases occurred in the Southwest and Southeast Regions.

  • Statewide, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents increased 10.1% last week. The Southeast Region has the highest rate of confirmed cases with nearly 3% of the total population having a positive test result; this does not include untested and asymptomatic cases.

  • Positivity rates throughout the state increased to 13.7% last week — a 13% increase compared to the previous week. Nearly one in five tests administered in the Southeast Region last week returned a positive result.

  • The effective reproductive rate remains above containment levels in all regions of the state this week, including the Northeast Region, which now has hospitalization volumes sufficient for modeling Re.

  • Compared to the previous week, the number of reported hours spent in moderate to significant operational impact from COVID-19 and influenza activity increased from 6% to 8.6%.

  • New this week:

    • Following patient ID enhancements by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, MHA and HIDI will temporarily discontinue the use of an alternate patient ID used last week to identify unique cases.

    • Due to an increase in hospitalized COVID-19 patients, LEMMA model projections and estimated reproductive rates now are available in the Northeast Region.

    • The Daily Statewide Snapshot tab now includes trended data on inpatient bed and ICU availability. NOTE: Periods of extreme variation coincide with changes in HHS reporting guidelines and should be interpreted with caution.

This dashboard has been developed in partnership with Missouri state agencies, hospital leaders and researchers at the Institute for Public Health at Washington University. The dashboard retains a dataset that provides a daily statewide perspective on hospital utilization and critical resources.



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