State Vote Ratings

July 8, 2020 - AIMPAC endorses Governor Mike Parson for Governor in 2020. Governor Parson's longstanding commitment to enacting pro-business legislation throughout his career as a legislator prepared him well for his role leading the State of Missouri. His unwavering commitment to workforce development and infrastructure are also top priorities for the business community and we are proud to support him. See story here.

June 30, 2020 - AIMPAC endorses Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe for Lt. Governor in 2020, based on his 100% voting record on pro-business issues throughout his entire legislative career in the Missouri Senate. See story here.

At Associated Industries of Missouri, we make sure your business’ voice is heard in the Missouri Capitol. We regularly testify on issues that are important to your business and our team of lobbyists helps ensure legislators know where we stand on issues.

Part of the political process is holding legislators accountable for the positions they take, either for or against issues that would make Missouri a better place to do business.  Equally important is helping to stop the regular assault on employers by trial attorneys and others. 

Not every vote rating system is the same, so we want to explain how we rated legislators’ votes in the following pages. We assemble the most important issues in each legislative session, assign a value based on the importance of that issue, and a legislator receives points if they voted in accordance with AIM’s position on that particular bill. We then total the scores for each legislator for each session to obtain the AIMPAC Score.

Several things that are not reflected in the score are very important to us as we work in the Capitol to pass pro-employer legislation.  Committee chairmen and women have great power to either advance or stop legislation. And sometimes, legislators will filibuster and block a bill that is favorable to business. There is no accurate way to reflect these activities in a vote rating system, but they are still factors in our ability to accomplish our legislative agenda.

An upward facing green arrow indicates the legislator supported the business position on the bill. A red downward facing arrow indicates the legislator either voted against the business position on the bill or the legislator was absent for the vote when Associated Industries of Missouri was advocating for passage of the bill. A legislator’s absence on one vote could keep them from getting a higher score, even though the absence may be unavoidable.  Nonetheless, these vote ratings generally show an accurate picture of the support we receive from legislators on issues important to business.

If you have questions on the scores, please call the Associated Industries of Missouri office at (573) 634-2246.