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Legislative advocacy

AIM has lobbied in the Missouri Capitol since the organization was founded. In 1919, a group of business leaders got together to discuss Missouri’s first workers’ compensation law. It took a few years to pass the law, but it was no time before those business leaders saw the benefit in forming Missouri’s first statewide business association. Since then, AIM has worked for pro-business reforms, including:

  • Employment law reforms

  • Tax reforms

  • Health care reforms to benefit employers

  • Environmental reforms

AIM success is attributed to its large member network which allows the organization to represent thousands of Missourians employed by Show Me businesses.

Member network and communications

Our large member-base provides a unique networking opportunity. AIM members stretch across the state and are in fields ranging from environmental and human resources compliance, manufacturing plants, and tax or legal offices. This allows AIM members to stay engaged with others who may be able to create new business partnerships or help with matters one individual may be an expert in.

You can get involved with AIM’s committee network:

  • Manufacturing and Mining Committee

  • Human Resources Committee 

  • Environmental Committee 

  • Tax Committee

In addition to the member network, AIM also provides several communications tools. While the website has links to our latest press releases and news stories out of Jefferson City, AIM also sends a weekly e-newsletter.

Events and seminars

AIM transfers information to members through top-notch, educational events. AIM uses live video webinars to educate members on the legislative session, for example.

Additionally, if you are interested in taxation regulations, AIM hosts Missouri’s premier tax conference. The AIM Tax Conference brings in Missouri’s brightest tax professionals to discuss federal and state tax laws, new regulations and the impact of tax law on the business community. This event is hosted every October. More info here.

Member-only service programs

The large member network comes with buying power. AIM has researched and orchestrated several deals with different businesses to help members save money. If you have questions on saving money on insurance (property and casualty or health), AIM has a solution. If your company wants to save money on shipping, AIM has a solution. Search here for more about our benefits, including:

  • Shipping

  • Office supplies

  • Health insurance

  • Property and casualty insurance

  • Uniform rental

  • Financial planning

Dedicated staff support 

AIM knows the business climate is constantly changing. Your business may come up with a question that AIM has not considered. Members have contacted AIM in the past regarding unemployment benefits questions, cost-savings on insurance and much more. Members have found that if they use AIM as a resource they experience a positive ROI on their membership.

If you have questions or concerns regarding any business issue in Missouri, please contact AIM today. 

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