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About MCME

Missouri Center for Manufacturing Excellence

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Manufacturing is good business in Missouri, contributing $32 billion to Missouri's economy. This represents about 13% of all economic activity in the state. Yet manufacturers, and their suppliers, face many challenges, including:

  • Lack of motivation and properly trained workforce

  • Interstate and international competition for customers 

  • Competition with other facilities of your company in other states and nations for new products and processes

  • Access to helpful resources provided by state and federal government organizations and their partners

Though manufacturers and suppliers face these challenges, government leaders have not focused on supporting manufacturing jobs. Instead, they have focused on developing and attracting new industries. Missouri's educational system is very focused on preparing students for college, and there is little emphasis on the attractive salaries and benefits that coud await students in today's manufacturing environment. 

Educational Solutions

The Missouri Center for Manufacturing Excellence will form partnerships with higher education institutions to:

  • Develop resources and curriculum to educate faculty, students and parents regarding careers in modern manufacturing

  • Utilize university resources to perform research and development of new products for manufacturers and suppliers

The MCME will bring together:

  • Manufacturers

  • Suppliers

  • Universities, Technical, and Community Colleges

  • Students and Parents

  • Small Business Resource

  • Manufacturing Service Providers

Manufacturer and Supplier Resources

  • Identify challenges faced by manufacturers

  • Serve as a "one-stop shop" for the coordination of necessary services and resources to address these challenges, including assistance with:

    • Funding for training​

    • Commercialization of new products and processes

  • Marketing new and existing products

  • Assist manufacturers and supplies with development of new markets and new products

  • Establish and maintain a supplier network to encourage collaboration, new ideas and cultivation of new relationships

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