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Transportation bills on the move this week

By: Jeff Glenn, Missourians for Transportation Investment,

The Missouri Transportation and Development Council and Associated Industries of Missouri is proud to be working with the Missourians for Transportation Investment to protect funding for highway improvements we all were successful in achieving last year. This article is reprinted with permission from Jeff Glenn at MFTI.

With the 2022 legislative session nearing the midway point, legislative activity on transportation bills has increased significantly in the last two weeks. Of the 28 transportation bills we're actively tracking, 13 have seen some sort of activity within the last two weeks.

Two bills aimed at repealing the state motor fuel tax increase enacted last year have seen recent movement. HB 1594 has been voted out of committee and is now eligible for debate on the floor of the house. SB 1149, which would also repeal the increase, was filed by Senator Bill White.

In addition to the repeal bills, constitutional amendments (HJR 134 and HJR 129) that would give the General Assembly more power over state road fund expenditures have been filed. HJR 134 was introduced then second read and referred to committee the next day.

SB 1163 would cap the number of employees MoDOT could employ in order to access general revenue funds appropriated by the General Assembly. Currently, MoDOT receives approximately $60 million annually in general revenue (GR) funds and could receive additional GR funds in the current budget. HB 2802 was introduced on Friday. Like SB 1163, it creates a "Transportation Accountability Fund". Details of the bill were not available as of this publication.

HB 2758 would make it easier to claim refunds by reducing the information required on the claim form. HB 2293 would exempt certain vehicles from sales tax, generating a potential loss to the state road fund in the neighborhood of $30 million annually and another loss to the state road bond fund of an additional $30 million annually. HB 2801 would create a one-time six-month motor fuel tax holiday.

MFTI, AIM and MTD encourage all our members to reach out to your state senators and state representatives to urge their support for transportation funding. We will keep you posted of developments throughout the session.



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