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The Doe Run Company’s Jose Hansen joins LME Lead and Zinc Committee

Jose Hansen, vice president – sales and marketing, at The Doe Run Company (Doe Run), was recently appointed to the Lead and Zinc Committee for the London Metal Exchange (LME). The committee advises the LME, the world center for industrial metals trading, on lead and zinc management and regulation.

“I’m honored to join this committee and work with peers around the globe to identify unique opportunities in the international market for these important metals,” said Hansen. “Working alongside other global companies also provides a new perspective on solutions that can benefit Doe Run, our local economy and our entire industry.”

Minerals, like lead and zinc, are essential to our everyday lives. Lead is most commonly used in lead batteries. Every U.S. mass-produced car and truck, including every electric vehicle, relies on a lead battery. Lead batteries also safeguard vital communications, power transportation and logistical networks that fuel our economy. Lead batteries also support backup power systems in an emergency, and store energy for wind and solar farms. Because more than 99% of lead batteries are recycled in a circular economy model, they are the most environmentally sustainable battery technology available.

Zinc is naturally abundant and necessary for all living creatures and plants. It is vital to brain development and a healthy immune system, and contributes to better crop yields. Zinc also is used in manufacturing to strengthen and protect steel against corrosion, supporting our modern society.

The LME, located in London, England, is the largest metals commodity market where buyers and sellers function under self-imposed rules and product quality standards. The Lead and Zinc Committee consists of 13 members who represent mining, minerals, metals and concentrates companies from around the world. Members are appointed for a three-year term. The Lead and Zinc Committee maintains oversight, recommends amendments, as appropriate, and promotes the LME’s lead and zinc product specifications.  

In addition to his participation on the LME’s Lead and Zinc Committee, Hansen shares his nearly 40 years of industry expertise as an active member of Battery Council International, International Lead and Zinc Study Group, Minor Metals Trade Association, and the International Precious Metals Institute.



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