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STL Pipeline: positive developments still leave pipeline's fate unclear

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the Kern River Gas Transmission in Utah and Wyoming, TC Energy’s Wisconsin Access Project in the Midwest, and Spire Storage West’s Clear Creek Expansion Project in Wyoming in recent decisions. In a statement on the FERC approval for the Berkshire Hathaway and Spire projects, Chairman Richard Glick pointed out that these projects would result in net-negative greenhouse gas emissions because they will replace coal-fired power with natural gas, which burns cleaner than coal. Additionally, Commissioner Allison Clements agreed these gas projects should be approved and pressed for the FERC to finalize its gas policy statement as soon as possible, while still conducting strong reviews to verify the benefits that these projects create.

These decisions are a positive development and indicate that the FERC understands the benefits of natural gas, but the fate of the Spire STL Pipeline is still not clear. The Pipeline is operating under a temporary emergency certificate that was granted by the FERC this past December, but they still have not approved the permanent certificate that would allow it to continually provide energy to St. Louis.

The critical infrastructure of the Spire STL Pipeline provides reliable and cost-effective natural gas to over 650,000 homes and businesses in eastern Missouri.

"AIM has advocated for the Spire STL Pipeline because it provides the energy needed for our members to operate their facilities, create jobs, and keep our community warm during the winter," said Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. "With the temporary emergency certificate, natural gas is being provided to hundreds of thousands of Missourians – but we must have clarity for the future. The FERC needs to continue moving in the right direction and grant a permanent certificate for the Spire STL Pipeline."

Spire’s Chief Operating Officer, Steve Lindsey, stated “We are pleased that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an order today approving Spire Storage’s proposed Clear Creek Expansion Project in Wyoming.” The approval of these projects comes with the question on when the FERC will remove the temporary emergency certificate and grant full approval for the STL Pipeline.

Steve Lindsey, COO of Spire, also stated “As you’ll recall, early last December, the Spire STL Pipeline was issued a new, open-ended temporary operating certificate by the FERC. This was a timely and important action that provided certainty of gas supply for the St. Louis region during the winter. It also allowed the pipeline to stay in operation indefinitely while the FERC continues to address a new permanent certificate as part of the remand process that’s underway.”

FERC approval of the Spire Storage proposed Clear Creek Expansion project in Wyoming will hopefully lead to the full approval of the Spire STL Pipeline, which already provides St. Louis with the resources to fuel homes, businesses, and the community. The benefits are enough so support the Pipeline's approval for full regulatory certification.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this important issue.


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