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St. Louis County Election Board Student Election Judge Program

January 3, 2022 - The St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners is accepting applications for High School students who are interested in the Election Board’s High School Student Election Judge

Program. The Student Election Judge Program gives students an opportunity to work with

veteran Election Judges providing hands on experience in learning how elections are


Participating in the electoral process is an excellent way to promote the importance of civic

engagement and instill a sense of public responsibility in our young people as they enter

adulthood. This can also be a great opportunity for students to earn community service hours

for graduation requirements or earn a wage for working at a polling place on Election Day.

To qualify students must be at least 15 but under 18 years of age, and be in the 10th , 11th, or 12th

grade. The Election Board also encourages high school students who are of 18 years of age to

apply as regular Election Judges. Interested Students can apply by following this link: Applications must be received in the Election Board’s Office by

Friday, March 11 for students to work in the April 5th, 2022 General Municipal Election.

Contact Jim McHugh of the Board of Elections at (314) 615-1858 or email Jim at to learn more.

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