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St. Louis-based startup cuts ribbon on newly renovated headquarters, adds 11 new jobs

The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) yesterday gathered with leadership of Coolfire Solutions, a St. Louis-based startup founded in 2010, to cut the ribbon on its newly renovated headquarters facility. Coolfire Solutions is adding 11 new jobs at the location.

“The rich tech ecosystem that makes St. Louis a national leader in the industry is good for startups as well as well-established national and global companies,” said DED Director Mike Downing. “The success of companies like Coolfire Solutions drives the entrepreneurial culture and tech excellence Missouri is well-known for.”

Coolfire Solutions is a software company specializing in mobile situational awareness, which basically means it provides users the ability to better understand what is happening around them so that they can make faster, better decisions. The company originally developed its software for the U.S. military and is now expanding its main technology platform called Ronin SA into the commercial sector.

An example application in the commercial sector is integrating Ronin with a company’s vehicles, people and systems to better utilize assets and time to drive greater productivity and increase their customer’s experience.  More can be learned about how Ronin can impact business by visiting the company’s website at

The company currently employs about 25.

Don Sharp, Coolfire Solutions’ CEO says the company’s growth is possible because of St. Louis’ tech talent and dynamic tech economy as well as its first-of-kind product.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our future and prospects for growth,” said Don Sharp, CEO of Coolfire Solutions. “Coolfire is fortunate to have an unbelievably talented group of employees, a committed and visionary group of customers, and a vibrant St. Louis economy in which to grow our company. We’re thankful for the support from the Missouri Department of Economic Development because its forward-thinking programs enable high-growth companies like Coolfire Solutions to prosper.”

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