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Sierra Bullets, Starline Brass honored at Sedalia Showcase

Two AIM members, Sierra Bullets and Starline Brass, were honored yesterday by Economic Development Sedalia – Pettis County, a group that is also a member of AIM, at the Sedalia Showcase.

The event offered lunch and dinner, guided tours, and presentations from the companies’ representatives.

Patrick Daly

Patrick Daly accepting an award for Sierra Bullets.

The presentations went into the history of the companies, highlighting their small beginnings on the West Coast and great successes in the Midwest. Sierra Bullets was founded in 1947 and Starline Brass was incorporated in 1976.

Robert Hayden, who was the Manager of Operations at Sierra Bullets at the time, felt there was a demand for brass cases made with the same commitment to high quality, which led to the incorporation of Starline Brass in 1976.

Both companies started as small businesses in California, but eventually moved locations to Sedalia, Missouri for better opportunities. They have seen tremendous success and remain operating in Sedalia today.

starline brass

Bob Hayden receiving an award for Starline Brass.

2016 is historic for Starline Brass, as it marks an important anniversary. They have provided superior quality brass cases that set them apart from many competitive brands in the shooting sports industry for 40 years.



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