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Revenue Department Issues Regulation on Income Apportionment Method

The Missouri Department of Revenue has issued Proposed Rule 12 CSR 10-2.052 New Apportionment Method.  The regulation implements changes to the apportionment formula supported by Associated Industries of Missouri and passed into law in HB 128 during the 2013 legislative session.  You may click on the link for the full text of the proposed regulation.

The regulation states that the new method of apportioning income may be used for all original returns filed after August 28, 2013, regardless of the tax period for which the return is filed.  The new apportionment method clearly applies to companies with sales of tangible personal property, but the application of the new apportionment method to service providers and other sources of revenue is not addressed in the regulation.  Future clarification from the Department of Revenue on these points is expected in the near future.



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