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Put a charge in your business

Face it, EV is not a fad, it’s a trend. Sales are increasing in the U.S. with 160,000 sold in the second quarter of 2021. It is estimated that 53% of new vehicle sales in 2030 will be electric. Right now, there are 243 battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle models available.

Adding a charging station to your business can attract customers and visitors who like the convenience of charging while they do business. This can increase the amount of time customers spend in a retail store as they wait for the charge and can increase sales. It can help attract workers who would appreciate being able to charge their vehicle while they work.

Ameren Missouri is trying to help businesses add charging stations by offering free consultations to discover how your business can benefit with electric vehicle charging. They are also offering incentives to encourage installation of EV charging stations. CLICK HERE for more information and an opportunity to register for a webinar that explains more about the advantages.



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