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Mo. Environmental Reporter: Biden gets quick start reviewing agency actions

January 22, 2021 - The Missouri Environmental Reporter (MER), a service of REGFORM led by Roger Walker, reported on some actions the Biden administration has announced. MER is a subscription service and we would encourage you to contact REGFORM if you are interested in subscribing as he graciously allowed us to reprint this article for our readers. To subscribe, email Roger Walker at

"Earlier this week, the Biden Administration released a list of agency actions that the heads of each agency will review in the coming weeks. The list goes back through all four years of the Trump Administration and includes 48 environmental rules including: the Navigable Water rule, NEPA revisions, TSCA risk evaluation, PM2.5 and Ozone standards, lead and copper rule for drinking water, new Science Rule, 401 certification, SAFE, accidental release provisions, NPDES electronic reporting, the Migratory Bird Rule, CCR, among others.

The full list of 104 regulations being targeted is here:

This reinforces the broad scope of issues we will likely be facing over the next four years of the Biden Administration as they look to revisit the Trump Era. Although this list goes back four years, some of these rules will fall under the ability of the Biden Administration to use the Congressional Review Act (if the final rule was issued within the last 60 legislative days (mid-May 2020)). The Administration, of course, also may revisit older rulemakings and make adjustments through the traditional notice and comment process."

Of course, many of these original regulations and actions were positive ones for Missouri businesses and Associated Industries of Missouri will join REGFORM in closely monitoring these changes.



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