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MO 811 Collaborates with One Call Concepts, Creating Fifty New Job Opportunities in Mid-Missouri

October 19, 2023 - Missouri 811, a leading not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing public safety and preventing damage to underground facilities, has joined forces with One Call Concepts to expand the services of its call center. This expansion encompasses not only Missouri but also extends support to operations in Nebraska, Kentucky, and provides backup services to other states. This strategic

partnership has resulted in a significant increase in employment opportunities, with the number of Customer Service Representatives growing from 30 to 80, and further expansion plans in the pipeline.

"We are thrilled to bring at least fifty new jobs and contribute to the growth of mid-Missouri by transforming Missouri 811's 'One Call' call center into a regional hub serving multiple states," stated

Randy Norden, Executive Director of Missouri 811.

Missouri 811's core mission is to enhance public safety and prevent damage to underground facilities.

Every business or individual responsible for owning, installing, and maintaining underground facilities in

public rights-of-way in the state of Missouri is mandated to become a member of Missouri 811. These

members play an integral role in processing excavation locate requests, facilitating notifications to

utilities, and actively promoting training, education, and public awareness regarding damage prevention.

To ensure safety and proper excavation procedures, individuals can reach out to Missouri 811 online

( or simply dial 811 before initiating any excavation.

One Call Concepts, the contracted company working closely with Missouri 811, efficiently processes

locate requests from excavators and homeowners. Their role involves promptly notifying utilities to

mark their underground facilities, a crucial step to ensure safe and damage-free digging operations.



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