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HooPayz: Lower your prescription costs

Did you know Americans spend an average of more than $1200 a year on prescriptions?*

This is more than citizens of any other country! Prescriptions are our most frequent healthcare transactions, and figuring out how to pay for drug costs can be stressful.

HooPayz Advisors have saved users an average of $561 on their prescriptions this year alone! Call or submit a prescription price check today! HooPayz Advisors will check your insurance coverage, see if there are generic alternatives, and shop for discounts.

Additionally, if you can’t afford the prescription drugs you need, you may be eligible for assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies, nonprofit groups, or state governments. HooPayz can help!

Another way we can help you get the lowest cost at the pharmacy is through our HooSaves Rx Pharmacy Discount card. Simply show our card to your pharmacist and save. Or you can visit our website for more information. HooPayz | Website



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