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FERC may vote on Spire STL Pipeline soon

November 18, 2021 - Some press outlets are reporting a majority of commissioners on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) have indicated they support extension of the temporary permit allowing the Spire STL Pipeline to continue operations beyond the current expiration date of December 13. However, the vote has not yet been taken by FERC.

In response, Spire officials issued the following statement:

"We appreciate the continued work by the Commission and its staff on this matter. We also appreciate today’s clarification regarding the 90-day temporary emergency certificate issued by FERC on Sept 14. We are encouraged by the Commissioners’ statements committing to act on this matter before the expiration of the current 90-day temporary certificate. However, today we still lack the certainty of an official order – free of conditions - authorizing continued operations for the full winter heating season.
By law, Spire STL Pipeline’s authorization to provide natural gas service to the St. Louis region expires on Dec. 13 unless the FERC takes further action. In the face of ongoing regulatory uncertainty, Spire Missouri had - and still has – a responsibility to communicate with its customers about the potential for any service disruptions, including if the Spire STL Pipeline were to be taken out of service. The criticality of this Pipeline has been documented in multiple filings with the FERC, the DC Circuit Court and the U.S. Supreme Court. Additionally, on Nov. 15 Spire Missouri filed a required report with the Missouri Public Service Commission detailing its emergency preparedness plans in the event the Pipeline is taken out of service.
At Spire we’re here to keep people safe and warm. Our focus remains on ensuring that the greater St. Louis region has access to reliable, affordable energy this winter through the continued operation of the Spire STL Pipeline. Spire STL Pipeline respectfully renews it’s request for FERC to act as quickly as possible to ensure uninterrupted operations this winter.
NWe invite all concerned stakeholders to join us in helping ensure that people of eastern Missouri remain safe and warm.


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