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Business issues hang in balance as session end nears

May 10, 2019 – So far, Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) has several victories to report for the 2019 Legislative Session of the Missouri Legislature. But the clock is ticking on some very important items as legislators have only five business days to finish their work.

The legislature has already passed a venue/joinder tort reform bill that seeks to eliminate some foreign cases from Missouri courts and limit venue shopping by clever attorneys. Senate Bill 7 was finally passed on May 1, 2019.

Another important legal reform bill, SB 30, would ensure the proper usage of seat belts would be admissible in any product liability case and would remove the current 1% maximum reduction of award if the plaintiff failed to use the seat belts and complained the vehicle did not adequately protect them. Senate Bill 30 was passed April 30, 2019.

An environmental bill that would eliminate a mandatory solid waste penalty and extend the tire fee has also been passed by the General Assembly. Senate Bill 134 was passed May 1, 2019.

While we are happy with the passage of these bills, many more await final resolution as we head into the final five days, including bills dealing with internet sales/use taxes, corporation income and sales/use tax adjustments, many legal reforms (including punitive damage reform, statute of repose, etc.), and several changes in the workers’ compensation and unemployment system that have been requested by the Missouri Department of Labor.

AIM will continue to defend against legislation that would expand lawsuits under the Missouri Human Rights Act, including attempts to revise or eliminate the reforms achieved in 2017 in that Act, and will continue to fight any new taxes, including the proposed tax on HMO plans that would benefit only Medicaid Managed Care organizations while penalizing employers across the state.

These are just some of the issues we are working as we head into the final week. If you have questions regarding particular business issues please contact our office at (573) 634-2246 or send your questions to Ray McCarty at



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