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Buckle Up Phone Down Business Showdown

Missouri Employers Mutual is continuing their mission to reduce vehicle crashes and crash fatalities – and work-related crashes and crash deaths by creating the Buckle Up Phone Down Business Showdown. It was created to take the Buckle Up Phone Down message to employers and employees that drive as part of their work.

It’s not just a public service announcement, it's a competition, too! Businesses can compete and win $$$ for participating. First place is $7500, second place is $6000, and third place is $5000. Businesses can register on the Buckle Up Phone Down Business Showdown, and encourage employees to take the BUPD pledge. Employees that take the BUPD pledge are committing to driving the speed limit, avoiding distracted driving, wearing seat belts, and avoiding impaired driving. Simple enough!

"A safe driving policy benefits the company, employees, the motoring public, and corporate image. Successfully implemented safe driving policies reduce liability/worker’s compensation costs and most importantly, convey to the employee that their safety and well-being is valued."

John Lummis - Callaway Carriers Inc. Safety and Personnel Director

Missouri companies with fleets / work-related driving are encouraged to participate! There’s also a “BUPD Policy” in the Employer Toolkit section of the Showdown website:

Contact Mark Woodward @ MEM 573-289-5990 (cell) if there are any questions!



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