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Attorney General Eric Schmitt announces lawsuit against federal vaccine mandate

October 28,2021- Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced he will file a lawsuit by Friday to stop the vaccine mandate for federal contractors and federally contracted employees.

“My Office has been a national leader in pushing back on federal overreach and mask mandates, stopping power-hungry bureaucrats in their tracks," said Schmitt. "The Biden Administration is seeking to use the full weight of the federal government to force federal contractors to mandate vaccinations."

AIM president and CEO Ray McCarty said employers in Missouri object to any additional government mandate that will cost them money. He said employers are already having a tough time finding employees to fill job openings and the federal mandate would make it more difficult, and expensive, to acquire and retain quality employees. He said adding such a requirement should be the choice of the business owner- not the government.

McCarty continued, "Requiring a vaccine could help protect other employees or customers, but it could also make it more difficult to find employees, require some employees to be dismissed, and could lead to employer liability if an employee has an adverse reaction."

Ending his press release Attorney General Eric Schmitt stated, "This is blatant, frightening federal overreach. My Office will file a lawsuit to halt this mandate on federal contractors by the end of the week, and stand ready, willing, and able to file suit against the employer vaccine mandate when OSHA publishes their forthcoming rule.”



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