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AIM’s Manufacturing Infrastructure Improvement Act clears initial House committee

AIM’s expansion of the Manufacturing Jobs Act to all manufacturing sectors was approved by a House committee this week. It faces one more House committee vote before heading to the full House for debate.

The Manufacturing Infrastructure Improvement Act, sponsored by Rep. Nick King, returns to our original plan to reward manufacturers that make large investments in new equipment to be able to make new products.  The original Manufacturing Jobs Act, originally proposed in 2010, also provided these incentives to all manufacturers meeting certain criteria for investment.  After the Nixon administration objected, the program was narrowed to only apply to auto manufacturers and their suppliers.

Since we pushed the original Manufacturing Jobs Act through, the success in the rebound of the auto industry in Missouri has been enormous – in fact the largest single economic development project that has happened during the entire Nixon administration. Billions of dollars have been invested in infrastructure and thousands of jobs were created as a result of that original Act.

“We have proven the success of the program and we know it works,” said Ray McCarty, president of Associated Industries of Missouri. “Now it is time to expand the program so it may be used by other industries.”

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