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2020 Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Taxes

By Paul Truber, Managing Director, UHY Advisors

While this serves as a high-level discussion of the candidates positions on taxes, please note that note that additional changes may arise as the election nears. This is a summary of positions that may affect individuals and business owners only. Both candidates have positions on other tax issues that are not discussed.

Want to learn more? Paul will be presenting on the presidential candidates’ tax positions as well as other tax updates at the 2020 AIM Tax, Manufacturing & Business Conference on Thursday, October 22 at 10:00 a.m.

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Paul Truber is Managing Director at UHY Advisors. He provides tax and consulting services to a broad spectrum of businesses. Paul serves as a member of UHY’s Manufacturing & Distribution Team, and the Estate Planning Team. He is a trusted source to his clients for tax planning, research, consulting, and compliance. Paul’s experience enables him to identify opportunities to leverage tax laws, recommend best practices, and help maximize shareholder returns. Paul can be reached at



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