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Transportation Task Force crosses finish line

The Missouri Senate passed HCR 47, sponsored by Rep. Kevin Corlew, that establishes the “21st Century Missouri Transportation Task Force.”

The task force is to prepare a report to the General Assembly by January 1, 2018. The task force’s mission is to:

  1. Evaluate the condition of our state transportation system, including roads and bridges;

  2. Evaluate current transportation funding in Missouri;

  3. Evaluate whether current transportation funding in Missouri is sufficient to not only maintain the transportation system in its current state but also to ensure that it serves the transportation needs of Missouri’s citizens as we move forward in the 21st century;

  4. Make recommendations regarding the condition of the state transportation system; and,

  5. Make recommendations regarding transportation funding.

The Missouri Transportation and Development Council, originally founded as the Missouri Good Roads Federation in 1920, also exists to help encourage transportation funding.  MTD thanks the sponsor, Rep. Kevin Corlew, and the legislature for passing this measure establishing the task force to keep the spotlight on the growing problem with transportation funding.



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