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Taxpayers’ Research Institute of Missouri prepares to release report on HB 253

In the debate about whether or not the legislature should override the veto of House Bill 253, concrete numbers of how much the tax cutting package will cost or benefit the state have been hard to come by.

Tuesday will change that.

The Taxpayer’s Research Institute of Missouri will release a report on House Bill 253’s effects on the state’s overall revenue collections. The report is the result of weeks of research by TRIM’s executive director Ray McCarty, based upon estimates drawn from several sources and actual formulas set up by the legislation.

The report’s conclusions seek to cut through the campaign style rhetoric that has surrounded the issue since Governor Nixon vetoed the legislation in June.

Opponents of the measure have repeatedly quoted figures that are, many cases, based on eventualities that may not occur, and in some cases, would be unconstitutional. The TRIM report seeks to provide some clarity and some concrete facts and figures to help shape the debate as the veto override attempt draws near.

“It is our hope that this report will cut through the politics and provide a thoroughly researched, scholarly view of what has become a contentious and emotional issue,” said McCarty.



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