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Supreme Court poised to rule against mandatory union dues for public workers

Public employees could get Right to Work!

From NAM’s Manufacturing Economy Daily

Various news reports cast the Supreme Court as appearing poised, during oral arguments in a California case, to rule against labor unions on the issue of mandatory union fees paid by public-school teachers. USA Today  says the court “left little doubt Monday where it stands,” and “appeared almost certain to strike down a requirement that non-members support public employee unions in 23 states.”

McClatchy  indicates that Justice Anthony Kennedy, “often the swing vote on conservative-liberal issues, sounded particularly vehement” in opposition to the practice. As a result, says the Washington Post , “a majority” on the court “seemed ready Monday to agree with a group of California teachers who say” the mandatory union dues violate “their First Amendment rights.” The Los Angeles Times (1/12, Savage) notes that Kennedy referred to the practice as “coerced speech.”

The New York Times, describing a potentially “severe blow to organized labor,” reports that “a ruling in the teachers’ favor would affect millions of government workers and culminate a political and legal campaign by a group of prominent conservative foundations aimed at weakening public-sector unions,” which “stand to lose fees from both workers who object to the positions the unions take and those who simply choose not to join while benefiting from the unions’ efforts on their behalf.”

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