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Shuster releases statement on White House Infrastructure Meeting

House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA) released the following statement after meeting with President Trump and key congressional leaders on infrastructure.

“I thank President Trump for bringing together the key chairmen and ranking members who will be responsible for drafting an infrastructure bill.  I’ve said all along that success in getting a bill done will depend on presidential leadership, and today’s meeting shows that President Trump is engaged and committed on infrastructure.

“An infrastructure bill needs to be bipartisan and it needs to deal with real revenues to pay for fiscally responsible, long-term investments in our Nation. Congress must address the long-term sustainability of the Highway Trust Fund and explore how we can broaden the pool of revenue and identify new sources for investment.

“The president’s priorities are a good first step and I look forward to working with him and my congressional colleagues to get a bipartisan bill done for the American people.”

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