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Senate Committee Chairs Announced


Chair                           Dempsey Vice-chair                    Richard

Agriculture, Food Production & Outdoor Recreation

Chair                           Munzlinger Vice-chair                    Libla


Chair                           Schaefer Vice-chair                    Rupp

Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy & the Environment

Chair                           Lager Vice-chair                    Kehoe


Chair                           Pearce Vice-chair                    Romine

Financial & Governmental Organizations & Elections

Chair                           Wasson Vice-chair                    Cunningham

General Laws

Chair                           Nieves Vice-chair                    Schaaf

Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight

Chair                           Parson Vice-chair                    Silvey

Gubernatorial Appointments

Chair                           Dempsey Vice-chair                    Richard

Jobs, Economic Development & Local Government

Chair                           Schmitt Vice-chair                    Dixon

Judiciary & Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence

Chair                           Dixon Vice-chair                    Emery

Progress and Development

Chair                           Justus Vice-chair                    Curls

Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions & Ethics

Chair                           Richard Vice-chair                    Dempsey

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