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Rep. Sam Graves talks infrastructure

In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg Government, Rep. Sam Graves (R.MO.) discussed self-driving trucks, his hopes for the White House’s infrastructure proposal, and the role of the highway trust fund in infrastructure.

“The technology is coming fast and industry isn’t necessarily going to wait for the government to start implementing,” Graves said when asked about his takeaways on a roundtable discussion on self-driving trucks.

He talked about the need for regulation as well as concerns labor organizations had about self-driving trucks, in addition to what legislation would be necessary.

Graves discussed priorities for the highway trust fund, including the fact that it is likely to be insolvent by 2020, and how to address this shortcoming.

In addition, Graves discussed the White House’s infrastructure proposal. He mentioned that the infrastructure proposal would cover more than just highways and bridges, and that the White House was searching for ways to fund these improvements. The importance of improvements for rural areas was also mentioned.

Ray McCarty, Director of MoDOT Patrick McKenna and Congressman Sam Graves

“I was proud to represent the National Association of Manufacturers, the Missouri Transportation and Development Council, and Associated Industries of Missouri before a congressional hearing chaired by Congressman Graves on transportation infrastructure,” said Ray McCarty. “Congressman Graves has done a great job in his committee pulling together members from both major political parties and trying to move forward on an agenda. I look forward to his continued leadership on these and other issues that are critical to Missouri employers,” said McCarty.



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