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REAL ID compliant optional drivers license bill passed by Missouri House

Rep. Kevin Corlew’s HB 151 that allows the Missouri Department of Revenue to issue REAL ID compliant drivers license if requested by an applicant, was passed by the Missouri House today on a 99-40 vote.

Airport Security

Credit Dept. of Homeland Security

REAL ID was listed as a priority for leadership in both the House and Senate and providing Missourians with the choice of obtaining the optional ID as provided in the legislation has been supported by Associated Industries of Missouri.

During the lengthy debate, it was noted that the lack of a REAL ID compliant drivers license, passport, passport card, or similar document will prevent Missouri citizens from boarding flights beginning in January 2018. Currently, military bases do not recognize Missouri drivers licenses as sufficient ID for admittance.

The bill now moves to the Missouri Senate for further consideration. A similar bill in the Senate was met with resistance from some Senators over privacy concerns.



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