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Petition drive: Presidential candidates should include currency rules in Trans-Pacific Partnership a

A petition drive by the Alliance for American Manufacturing is calling on all U.S. presidential candidates to commit to including currency rules in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

The petition drive is supported by AIM member Ford Motor Company. “With this petition, America’s presidential candidates are being called on to commit that they will not send a TPP agreement to Congress without prohibiting currency manipulation,” said Curt Magleby, vice president, Government Relations. “American workers deserve nothing less than a level playing field where markets set exchange rates, not governments.”

Work to address foreign currency manipulation began more than four years ago because the issue is critical to manufacturing and the competitive position of American companies. Currency manipulation occurs when countries artificially lower the value of their currencies, making their exports cheaper and hurting competitors in other countries.

The TPP is a major trade deal that would link the economies of the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations. While the trade deal has been negotiated, it must first be approved by the U.S. Congress.

Missouri’s Presidential primary takes place on March 15. The link to the petition is here for anyone who wants to add their name to the effort.

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