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ON- THE- JOB TRAINING: You Hire, You Train, We Pay!

What is On-the-Job Training?

The On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program provides an opportunity for employers to work with their local Missouri Career Center to recruit, pre-screen, hire and train new employees. The OJT program matches businesses with well qualified job seekers who are eager to work, but need the specialized training only an employer can supply.

The OJT program offers cost savings by reimbursing up to 50 percent of the wages paid to a new employee for the first several weeks on the job, while you get your new hire up to speed.

How Does it Work?

An OJT representative from the local Missouri Career Center assists with identifying eligible candidates, developing a training plan and completing the minimal paperwork needed to get started.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Wage reimbursements to off-set hiring and training costs

  2. Applicant skills assessed to meet specific job specifications

  3. Training takes place on-site, under the supervision of the employer

  4. Minimal paperwork

  5. Consultation and technical assistance throughout all phases of the program

Click here to find an OJT contact in your area.

In reality, our OJT Coordinators do most of the work for you!  The program isn’t paperwork free, but we make it as painless as possible.  You sign a program agreement and employee training plan and provide payroll documentation on a monthly basis.  We do the rest. You will be surprised at how easy it really is to get a great employee and save the costs of on-boarding and training at the same time!

OJT PROGRAM TESTIMONIAL: What Employers are Saying About the OJT Program

“The career center did a tremendous job helping me find a qualified, exceptional employee for my new business. They assisted me in the hiring process by giving me advice on what qualifications I needed to look for in a candidate and once I located a good applicant, they set me up with a special program called On-The-Job training.  This program offered to pay half of my employee’s salary for a period of time to ensure that she was trained specifically for my office. This allowed time for me to train my assistant on the different computer software used in my office as well as the practices of my field.  In addition, it has allowed us resources for additional training through the career center.  This program has been wonderful and has enabled me to find a quality employee while assisting me with the initial expenses of training a staff member.  Exceptional program!”

– Michelle Woodward, Woodward Audiology


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