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More business groups sue EPA, Army Corps Of Engineers over water rule

The Hill (7/14, Henry) reports that a federal lawsuit announced Monday by several business groups is the latest litigation challenging an Environmental Protection Agency rule, known as the Waters of the United States, that aims “to define which water bodies the government has the ability to regulate.”

The groups asserted that the rule pertains to bodies of water that are beyond the EPA’s regulatory purview under the Clean Water Act. Before this latest lawsuit, which was filed in Oklahoma, “more than two dozen states” sued the EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers over the rule, The Hill notes, adding that the NAM and several other groups filed a separate suit in early July.

The Hill (7/13, Cama, Henry) initially reported on the latest lawsuit in its “Overnight Energy” fixture.

The Washington Examiner (7/14, Siciliano) notes that the suit filed Monday in US District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma joins “nearly 30 states and a growing chorus of industry groups” alleging that the rule amounts to “unconstitutional federal overreach.” The Examiner also references the suit by the NAM and 12 other industry organizations.

McClatchy (7/13, Adams) reports that “more than half” of state governments have now “weighed in on lawsuits that seek to halt” the water rule. Overall, “at least 28 states or their top officials” have filed five lawsuits aimed at derailing the “controversial” provisions.

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