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Mo. Dept. of Labor launches new web portal

The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has a goal of reducing the number of workplace fatalities in Missouri to under 100 this year. To help accomplish this, the Division of Labor Standard (DLS) has launched a new web portal that gives Missouri businesses faster access to resources to help them develop safer and healthier workplaces while sacrificing money on lost time and workers’ compensation insurance costs.

The web portal (MO Safe@Work) joins Missouri’s three workplace safety programs: the Missouri Worker’s Safety Program, the Missouri On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program, and the Missouri Mine and Cave Safety Program. This provides businesses with one portal to access resources for improving workplace safety and health. Information shared includes:

  1. The latest Missouri workplace injury data and statistics

  2. Toolbox talks

  3. Sample OSHA programs

  4. Videos

  5. Quarterly newsletters called “The Safety Zone”

Employers can also use the webpage to sign up to receive free safety services from any of DLS’s three safety programs.

Businesses looking to improve their safety programs can find the new website at, or may contact the Division at 573-751-3403.



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