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Employment Law Reform Bill Passes Senate After Lengthy Debate

February 2 – The Missouri Senate has given first round approval to the Employment Law Reform bill, SB 592 (Senator Brad Lager), following lengthy debate last night.  The approved version is different from the original version in that an amendment was adopted to remove the section that changed rules regarding summary judgments.  Another amendment that had been previously adopted at the request of Senator Dixon, which excludes cases alleging “disparate impact” from the change to “motivating factor” was included in the final language.

The final version includes the shift in standard of proof in discrimination cases from a “contributing” factor to a “motivating” factor, establishes punitive damage caps, removes personal liability of employees, and ensures employees seeking whistle-blower protection are notifying proper authorities of violations of law, rules or public policy.

The bill will now face one additional vote by the full Senate before moving to the House for further consideration.  Associated Industries of Missouri thanks the sponsor, Senator Brad Lager and the leadership of the Senate for making this bill a priority and obtaining this first round approval.

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