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Common sense best medicine against COVID-19

Associated Industries of Missouri applauds Governor Mike Parson’s responsible leadership in extending the first phase of reopening Missouri businesses for an additional two weeks through June 15, 2020.

Responsibly restarting Missouri’s economy requires a concerted effort by ALL parties: business owners and managers, co-workers and customers. All parties should take responsibility and, as Governor Parson has stated, use common sense.

If employees are sick, they should stay home. If they have been exposed and they are aware of it, they should self-quarantine and employers should make clear policies that allow such employees to do so without feeling they are endangering their jobs. This will help protect other employees and, with proper policy development, abuse by opportunist employees who would make false claims could be minimized.

Business owners and managers should take reasonable precautions to protect their employees and boost customer confidence. They should consider whether they should require employees and/or customers to wear protective equipment and have a clear plan for practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. Customers displaying symptoms or refusing to protect others by wearing masks should be limited in their ability to expose others.

Common sense measures such as social distancing, providing the proper equipment and responsible policies will all help Missouri businesses reopen as safely as possible. And all these measures are contained in the Governor’s guidelines that were extended through June 15, 2020. We thank Governor Parson for his efforts.

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