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Callaway hog farm project wins appeals court ruling

On Tuesday, the Western District Court of Appeals ruled that opponents of a proposed hog breeding farm in Callaway County used the wrong legal path to challenge the permit.

Callaway Farrowing is pleased with the ruling because it means that Friends of Responsible Agriculture only succeeded in delaying construction, attorney Robert Brundage wrote in a statement.

“Therefore, this case is over and as of today, the permit issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is final,” he wrote.

The legal question centered on an Oct. 5, 2016, meeting of the Clean Water Commission. The commission voted 3-2 to accept a recommendation from the Administrative Hearing Commission that the Callaway Farrowing permit met the legal requirements for approval.

The litigation has not deterred Callaway Farrowing or shown that the permit is insufficient, Brundage noted in his email.



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