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BASF hosts discussion and tour

AIM President McCarty, Rep. Louis Riggs, Site Director Deanna Pinkham, Gov't Affairs Manager Martha Landwehr

December 8, 2022 - Last Friday, BASF Hannibal Site Director Deanna Pinkham hosted a discussion of issues with Rep. Louis Riggs (R-05, Hannibal), AIM President/CEO Ray McCarty, Martha Landwehr, BASF Senior Manager, State Government Affairs - Texas & Western Region, and several facility staff.

Discussions included many topics that are important for every business, including difficulties in finding and retaining workforce, the impact of new marijuana laws, transportation and supply chain issues, as well as issues faced by rural manufacturers in particular.

"We discussed snow removal, attracting quality employees when availability of employment opportunities for spouses or significant others may be limited, workforce education opportunities, and other issues," said McCarty. "While these challenges may also be faced by urban manufacturers, they are even more pronounced for rural manufacturers. Rural manufacturers are often major employers in their areas and it is vitally important to know their needs and try to address them whenever possible," he said.

The tour included a lab used for research and development of new and existing products and quality control, and four distinct plants making different products on the grounds of the facility plus an additional packaging facility.

The facility makes herbicides and fungicides, and is the sole production site of Revysol(R) that controls fungal diseases in more than 40 crops including cereals like wheat and barley, plus oil seed rape, corn, fruits, vegetables, and grapes, resulting in much higher yields.



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