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AIM testifies in support of resolution that urges Biden to develop domestic sources of oil

April 7th, 2022- On Tuesday AIM president and CEO Ray McCarty testified in favor of a resolution that encourages the Biden administration to develop domestic sources of oil.

Oil and natural gas are vital components of our nation’s economy, providing more than 11 million jobs

nationwide and nearly 8% of the nation's GDP. The U.S. energy abundance has provided security

that has historically led to reliable, affordable energy for American consumers and our allies. Perhaps now more than ever the world is looking to the U.S. for energy leadership and stability as current geopolitical events pose potential economic disruptions when inflation already affects households both in the U.S. and across Europe.

The operation and expansion of a key component of America’s energy success, our oil and natural gas pipelines, which provide the most efficient means of transporting those commodities, are being blocked by the federal government and many state governments.

Through the resolution, the members of the Missouri Senate strongly urge the President to take measures and support policies that ensure long-term American energy leadership, security, and progress, including those that result in the continued operation of existing oil and natural gas pipelines, the construction of new oil and gas pipelines, the resumption of consistent, credible federal lease sales, and the immediate preparation of a new five-year program to guide future offshore leasing.

The resolution was voted out of the Senate Rules Committee today on a 4-0 vote.

You can read the full resolution here.



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