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AIM supports name change for Linn State Technical College

Some residents say it’s bittersweet, but Linn State Technical College has outgrown the small mid Missouri town that has been its home since its founding in 1961.

That’s why residents of the Osage County town support legislation that would change the name of the school to State Technical College of Missouri.

“This school is an important part not just of Osage County, not just of central Missouri, but all of Missouri,” said State Senator Mike Kehoe (R-Jefferson City) while presenting Senate Bill 410 to the Senate’s Higher Education Committee. “We believe a name change reflecting that would be beneficial as we market this institution for our young people, and as we move our mission forward to its next phase.”

AIM president Ray McCarty testifies on behalf of the bill sponsored by Sen. Make Kehoe.

AIM president Ray McCarty testifies on behalf of the bill sponsored by Sen. Make Kehoe.

The current Linn State Technical College offers more than 35 technical programs at the associate of applied science degree and certificate level. In addition, customized and contract training is offered to Missouri business and industry. Each program features hands-on application and experience of theories taught in classrooms. As part of their education, many students participate in on-the-job experience through internships.

The college strives to keep up and stay ahead of the needs of Missouri’s employers. Recently developed programs include management information systems specialist with a general and automated accounting systems option, electrical power generation technology and radiation protection, instrumentation and control, reactor operations and quality control options in the nuclear technology program.

Students are evaluated through a one-of-a-kind system that provides potential employers with a student’s track record of success in academic achievement, job readiness and work ethic, and attendance.

It’s for those reasons, Associated Industries of Missouri supports the name change to reflect the college’s growing statewide mission. AIM president Ray McCarty told Senators that members of AIM all around the state have grown to rely on Linn State to provide well prepared new employees for their operations.

“They are able to take graduates from Linn State Technical College and employ them in great jobs in manufacturing and other places,” McCarty told committee members. “We think their mission is vital, we appreciate what they do, and we think that it would be great for them to have a name to reflect their statewide purpose.”

The bill now awaits a vote from the higher education committee before it moves on to the Senate floor. No one came forward to oppose the bill at the committee hearing.



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