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AIM’s Ray McCarty talks “Clean Out Your Wallet Power Plan” on statewide TV program

Associated Industries President/CEO Ray McCarty is one of the guests on this week’s episode of Missouri Viewpoints with Mike Ferguson.

The half-hour news interview program is available on many cable and commercial television stations around the state. Find a list of the places and times to find the program in your area by clicking here. You can also watch the program on the Missouri Viewpoints website by clicking here.

On the program, McCarty tells host Mike Ferguson that the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” is misguided, will harm Missouri’s economy and will result in very little change in the environment.

“In America and Missouri we have taken a lot of steps to clean up the air already, we are already one of the lowest polluting nations,” said McCarty. “And you have countries like China that are in direct competition with us who have virtually no environmental regulations. So when you start talking about global warming and the impact that these regulations would have, from our analysis, it looks like they will cost an enormous amount of money for very little benefit.”

Also on the program is Heather Navarro, the Executive Director of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, who believes the new EPA program is a step in the right direction for the environment.

McCarty is a frequent guest on the program, and AIM’s wishes to thank Mike for the opportunity to tell the story through the eyes of Missouri’s business community.



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