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Who should understand blueprints in a manufacturing process?

Blueprints and technical drawings use a language of terms and symbols all their own. They contain the many critical details your team needs to produce high quality products that meet required tolerances and specifications…the first time!

The more people on your production team who can read blueprints, the more eyes you have overseeing quality, and the greater your profitability through increased efficiency and minimized waste.  It’s simply not enough to have “your guy” on the floor who’s in charge of interpreting the details in blueprints and overseeing production. 

WHO should understand blueprints in a manufacturing process?

  1. Quality Inspectors

  2. Maintenance

  3. Designers & Engineers

  4. Machinists

  5. Estimators/Quoters

  6. Procurement

  7. Painters

  8. Fabricators

  9. Production StaffWHY is it important to understand blueprints in manufacturing?

  10. Reduced defects, rework and supervision time.

  11. Part feature identification (including mirrored parts and front/back side).

  12. Efficient parts machining (datums & tolerances).

  13. Proper dimension tolerances and material callouts.

  14. Understand assembly directions and changes with revisions.

  15. Increased PROFITABILITY through waste reduction and improved efficiency.

Missouri Enterprise is your ideal partner to teach your team the blueprint reading skills they need to help you ensure quality at every stage of the production process.  Advantages to Missouri Enterprise Blueprint Training include:

  1. Real expertise: Award winning blueprint specialist who has worked and managed on the factory floor.

  2. Customizable content

  3. Done on your schedule, at your facility, using your drawings and parts as examples

  4. Measurable return on investment

  5. On the job mentoring is also available

Contact Jeff Sterling at 573-201-1272 ( to learn more.



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