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What is a Cobot? Learn more about how they can help fill your workforce gap (Lunch N Learn on 6/27)

A “cobot” is a collaborative robot—meaning it works WITH and alongside human coworkers. These are robots that are “out of the cage” and will stop if they sense someone in their path. They are mobile and can be moved anywhere on the plant floor to take on new tasks. It takes just a few moments to reprogram it to a new job anddoesn’t require an on-site engineer to maintain them! Want to learn more and see these robots in person? For one time only, Missouri Enterprise will hold a lunch and learn for area manufacturers on June 27 from noon – 1 p.m. at HTE Technologies in Lenexa, KS. Here, you will get to demo the cobot and ask questions about how these tools could work inside your facility. Click on the video below to hear from a manufacturer who attended the same session in St. Louis last week.

Cobots are not only for major OEMs. In fact, more small to medium-sized manufacturers are incorporating these tools into their workforce. They are affordable, easy to use, AND improve productivity. DYK: Robot/Human teams are 85 percent more productive than either one team alone?

What do Cobots Offer Manufacturers? Collaborative robots can be used to free employees from repetitive tasks so they can focus on tasks that require more advanced skills. For example, three people who previously focused their time on inspecting a single bin can now be assigned to jobs like driving a forklift. When manufacturers are facing a major workforce shortage, these cobots can help fill the gap. Another benefit of cobots is their mobility, which lets them adapt to almost any workspace. Most of the machines weigh well-under 80 pounds and have a footprint of mere inches. They require far less power to operate than traditional robots and can be redeployed for multiple applications without changing production layouts. Ideal for small jobs and quick changeovers, cobots perform recurrent tasks at very high levels of consistency. Register today at this link. Again, the Cobot Lunch & Learn will take place June 27, from noon – 1 p.m. at HTE in Lenexa, KS. The Lunch N’ Learn is just around the corner!



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