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“Voice of Missouri Business” on “Voice of St. Louis” Today

September 27 – Associated Industries of Missouri President/CEO Ray McCarty will represent AIM on Mark Reardon’s radio show this afternoon.  The program will air on KMOX, “The Voice of St. Louis”.  AIM has served as the “Voice of Missouri Business” since 1919.

The topic today is the Obama administration’s assault on the use of coal for electricity generation and the impact that will have on Missouri businesses.  The EPA has issued the “Utility MACT” regulation that will continue the President’s assault on the use of coal as a fuel source for electricity generation.  A resolution to void the regulation was rejected by the U.S. Senate in June, with Sen. Roy Blunt voting in favor of the resolution voiding the regulation and Sen. Claire McCaskill opposed to the resolution and supporting the regulation.

“Clearly few Missourians and Missouri businesses have realized the large impact this will have on their utility bills and costs of operation,” said Ray McCarty.  “As part of the Count on Coal campaign, AIM wants to let everyone know the EPA says their regulation will increase utility rates by more than 6% in some parts of the state. This will result in a direct cost increase for companies that rely on electric power, and an indirect increase in the cost of goods and services as companies raise prices to pay for the increase.”

UPDATE:  If you missed the broadcast, you may listen to the interview by following this link:



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