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Upcoming WEBINAR: Business Development

Risk & Opportunity - Safeguarding Your Business

Risk and Opportunity are two areas which do not generally command a great deal of attention until there is a crisis.  Most would agree it is better to “fix the roof before the rain starts”, then an organization can have a better chance of weathering the storm.  Historically, many organizations ignore the preparation and maintenance resulting in stagnant growth or worse.  Our upcoming webinar, “Risk and Opportunity” is designed to help you look at risk mitigation a bit differently and we will be able to answer your questions or concerns.

Don't gamble with your business. But rather, make solid bets by preparing for the known risks. Join us for a webinar THIS Friday, Feb. 21, at 1 p.m. on Risk & Opportunity and gain insight into recognizing the warning signs and hopefully gaining a competitive advantage by being prepared.

How risk and opportunity come hand in hand:

The treatment of Risk [and its bedfellow, Opportunity] can be classified in 3 areas: What we can control through mitigation, what must be accepted because there is nothing constructive that can be done and still stay in business, and what can be covered by insurance.

Avoiding risk 100 percent is not a practical option, therefore a certain degree of risk remains – this is termed “Risk Appetite”, what Top Management accepts in the way they do business. This ‘Risk’ provides a great Opportunity for those inclined to exploit the Risk – Risk and Opportunity are really the two sides of the same coin!

Join us on Feb. 21 for our webinar on Risk & Opportunity! Visit to register.



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