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U.S. Senator Roy Blunt visits AIM, talks with business and community leaders

McCarty Blunt Kehoe

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Reid, Shepherd Hills

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt visited the offices of Associated Industries of Missouri this week for a meeting with business and community leaders regarding the impact of the federal Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

Several state and local officials also attended the well-attended meeting, including Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe, State Representative Sarah Walsh, Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin, various county and school officials and several candidates for state representative.

Business and community leaders relayed how the federal tax cut had impacted them, their customers and constituents.

Senator Blunt emphasized the importance of allowing taxpayers and job creators to use more of their money to improve their business or personal lives. Some businesses reported expanding their businesses by adding employees, investing in equipment, and expanding their facilities.

A utility company representative noted a bill passed during the 2018 legislative session in Missouri would result in lower rates as the utility company returns the benefits of the tax cut to customers immediately, rather than waiting until later.

Others pointed out their customers had more income and that was reflected in stronger sales figures. School leaders pointed out that other changes in the tax bill helped them obtain a better interest rate for bonds that were issued for a new high school.

Senator Blunt welcomed the real-life stories shared by the group and noted he was proud to have helped pass this landmark legislation through the U.S. Senate.

“We were happy to be able to share stories with Senator Blunt that he can use when explaining the benefits of the federal tax bill to his fellow senators,” said Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. “We have heard from our members they are reinvesting the tax savings in higher wages for workers, business expansions, and lower utility rates. Perhaps even more important is the general optimism that is prevalent throughout the business community as retailers and manufacturers look forward to enjoying the tax benefits in the future,” he said.

“Senator Blunt is a strong voice for Missouri employers and individuals in the U.S. Senate and we thank him for his efforts on our behalf, including this major historic tax relief,” said McCarty.

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