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U.S. House Passes Anti-Regulatory Bill

The AP reports that the U.S. House has passed a bill that would require Congressional approval for new federal regulations that are estimated to cost more than $100 million.  The bill is expected to die in the U.S. Senate, according to the article.

“Federal regulations have been proposed by agencies, the directors of which are appointed directly or indirectly by the President, to implement items the Obama administration has been unable to pass through Congress,” said Ray McCarty, President of Associated Industries of Missouri. “This bill just makes sense.  Regulations that increase costs for Missouri businesses should be reviewed by elected officials.  They should not be implemented by Washington bureaucrats, who seem to care little about the impact those regulations will have on American jobs.”

So far, we have seen regulations promulgated by the National Labor Relations Board to implement provisions allowing expedited union elections, and a myriad of regulations in the environmental area.  “The environmental regulations are cost drivers for every Missouri business,” said McCarty.  “Even those businesses that are not directly affected by the new regulations are affected through their utility bills and costs of materials produced by manufacturers that are affected by the new regulations.  This simply cannot continue.”

Here is a link to the bill page from the Library of Congress: H.R. 10

Contact our Senators today and let them know you support this bill:

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