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Two companies plan to bring 350 new jobs to the Show-Me State

Straight from the Show-Me State comes another business announcement related to the creation of new jobs. This time we’re focusing on Abstrakt Marketing Group in St. Louis and Quiet Logistics in Hazelwood.

Abstrakt is looking a grow by 100 new employees by the end of the year as the marketing firm hit $13.5 million in revenue last year. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Melanie Clark, Abstrakt’s marketing director recently said, “We’re hiring between five and 10 employees a month as is right now.”


With such an incredible rate of growth, Abstrakt will need more space but that should not be a problem as the Post-Dispatch’s article also mentions how part of Laclede’s Landing will be converted into new offices, which the marketing firm plans to use three floors worth by the end of the year.

Not too far from the Landing, Quiet Logistics, a Massachusetts-based e-commerce distributor for fashion apparel, is creating a loud number of jobs. Approximately 250 positions including warehouse workers, IT staff, human resources and sales representatives will need to be filled by the logistics company.

Quiet logo

This new location offers a lot for Quiet Logistics who relies heavily on shipping and timing. “St. Louis certainly has strategic appeal on the ground transportation side,” said Quiet’s president, Brian Lemerise in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, explaining that the area is one of the only places where ground delivery to New York is possible within two days and Los Angeles within three.

Missouri is excited to hear about both of these companies’ growth and look forward to sharing even more business announcements! Keep an eye out and remember to check your emails.



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