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Trump nominee to head Ex-Im Bank in trouble

President Trump’s nominee to lead the Export-Import Bank appears unlikely to survive a scheduled committee vote next week. Scott Garrett, a former Republican lawmaker from New Jersey, has yet to sew up enough support in the Senate Banking Committee, which would block him from advancing to the full Senate.

Republican Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) said he will oppose Garrett, a decision that brought praise from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). NAM has campaigned against Garrett for several months due to his past attempts to shut down the EX-IM bank.

Garrett’s failure to win confirmation to helm the agency would be a major win for manufacturers and businesses.

“Manufacturers and manufacturing workers are pleased that Scott Garrett’s nomination doesn’t appear to have enough support in committee to move forward,” Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the NAM said in a statement.

“Garrett’s abysmal record demonstrates he would not run the Ex-Im Bank in good faith or stand up for the 1.4 million manufacturing workers whose jobs have depended on it,” he said.


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