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Timmons: Dakota Access decision defies logic, science and sound policy

The Associated Press published a compilation of quotes from leading voices in the oil pipeline dispute. Jay Timmons, president and CEO of National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), was one of the featured quotes in the article.

Timmons’ full quote, via NAM press release:

“This decision defies logic, science and sound policy-decision making, and the consequences can be measured in lost work for manufacturers and those in the manufacturing supply chain. “If a project that has involved all relevant stakeholders and followed both the letter and spirit of the law at every step of this approval process can be derailed, what signal does that send to others considering building new energy infrastructure in this country? “We can only hope that President-elect Trump will stand by his promises to invest aggressively in new infrastructure in America and start by overturning this misguided decision and allow the completion of the pipeline.”

To read the article, click here.

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