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The NAM and AIM are here to help you during the COVID-19 crisis

Together let’s fix America’s emergency supply shortages!

The U.S. is battling a pandemic like we have never experienced in our lifetime, and the U.S. supply chain is experiencing significant disruptions. Manufacturers across the country are stepping up by producing personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical devices - even if they have not produced them before.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) are working with manufacturers to identify existing supplies and new manufacturing capacity to support emergency production efforts. You can help too.

The new Manufacturers Marketplace serves as part of the solution to fix the nation’s emergency supply shortages. Here's how you can participate:

  • Sign up and complete your profile with details on products, production capabilities or ability to retool.

  • Connect with other manufacturers who need what you offer.

  • Find what you need from U.S. manufacturers.

  • Aid the government’s efforts to find and deploy resources to where they are needed most.

Even better, the Manufacturers Marketplace is free during the pandemic. Learn more about this effort by visiting our website at:

While the Manufacturers Marketplace serves to help fix the emergency supply shortage, it also provides an ongoing solution against supply chain disruption. by filling gaps in your supply chain with suppliers in the U.S. and helping you find Tier 2 and Tier 3 level manufacturers to help retool your operation.

You may sign up by chatting while on that site, or you may send an email to:

The NAM and AIM are here to help your business during this time of crisis. THANK YOU for your support of our organizations and your fellow manufacturers!

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