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The Missouri Senate Minute for Jan. 9: Session Begins

As lawmakers press forward with this year’s regular legislative session, some questions remain following last year. This comes as the result of work done after last year’s legislative session.

Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz of Sullivan says there were several interim committees that met later last year…

“I’m interested in where we are there and some information is going to come from those areas,” Sen. Schatz says. “And, hopefully, that’ll develop into some legislation that we can move forward with that’s good public policy.”

Missouri Senate Minority Floor Leader Gina Walsh of Bellefontaine Neighbors says interim panels usually file final reports by the end of December or sometime in January…

“And then, it’ll go to the leadership," Sen. Walsh says. “They’ll decide from there where it goes. Of course, there’s always folks that are married to these issues. I always propose legislation, and that will still be out there.”

These interim committees tend to produce new legislation during the following session, which is now.



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